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Our goal at Aim is to help you restore function and healing through a comprehensive suite of complementary services. With a 100% individualized approach, we leverage proven science and best medical practices in order to facilitate the most effective treatment outcomes possible. We are #1.

Physical Therapy

We are always hands-on.

Dr. Carina Escudero performs Physical therapy on a patientWhen it comes to addressing orthopedics and sports injuries, we can treat a variety of conditions including acute, sub-acute and chronic sprains/strains, rehabilitation of post-surgical conditions, spine and extremity injuries, and Tendonitis...

Soft Tissue Management

We understand the whole body.

Soft Tissue ManagementOur specialists use a variety of hands-on techniques to release areas of congestion, tightness and scarring involving ligaments, fascia, fibrous tissues, synovial membranes, muscles, nerves and blood vessels. Our focus is to return the soft tissues to their healthy texture, tension and length...

Massage Therapy

We promote circulation and energy.

Massage TherapyOur skilled massage therapists relieve pain, rehabilitate sports injuries, reduce stress and promote range-of-motion. Through a series of successful treatments we can increase relaxation, improve quality of sleep and reduce anxiety...

Personal Training

We restore strength and function.

Personal TrainingOur personal trainers are experts in movement analysis. At Aim, we prepare individualized therapeutic exercise programs that naturally correct the body and related mechanics to improve function and skill...

Fascial Stretch Therapy

We instill flexibility.

Fascial Stretch TherapyObtain at least 50% better results than traditional stretching and recover faster from workouts and training. Improve your postural alignment and boost your energy and circulation, while relieving compression and pinching of joints and nerves...

FAQs - Aim Educational Videos

Get spoken answers from the Aim team.

Aim Sports Medicine - Educational VideosFrom, "How many Treatments do I need?", to, "What causes inflammation and how does it affect recovery?", we've collected some of the most pressing questions from our patients in order to help you understand how the body works...