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The Relationship Between Food, Inflammation, and Pain

The Relationship Between Food, Inflammation, and Pain

Your body’s natural response to an accident or illness is inflammation. Consider it as...
17th May 22
Stretches for Alleviating Neck and Upper Back Pain

Stretches for Alleviating Neck and Upper Back Pain

With the ongoing pandemic, switch to remote work and school, and increasing time spent...
27th Oct 21
Acupuncture - Reset your nervous system

Why You Should Include Acupuncture in Your Sports Fitness Regime

 According to Johns Hopkins Medical Center Acupuncture “Acupuncture is part of the ancient practice...
30th Sep 21
Back to school also means back to sports

Back to School After Lockdown- Learn How to Protect your Children from Sports Injuries.

Our kids are going back to school.  For some, it’s been almost two years...
29th Aug 21
Can your Mental Health Affect Your Physical Health

Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month, celebrated in May since 1949, was founded by the National...
29th Aug 21
stress awareness is crucial

Stress Awareness Prevention Month

Since 1993 Stress Awareness Prevention Month focused our attention on how stressed we are. ...
29th Aug 21
celebrating women of physical therapy

Celebrating Woman’s History Month

This month we celebrate Woman’s History Month. We also acknowledge the one-year mark of...
28th Aug 21
Carina provides Deep Laser Therapy

Time to Love Your Body

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy and how it can tune-up your life. If you speak...
28th Aug 21
setting fitness goals

What Do You Aim For?

Most of us are still under lockdown orders due to the pandemic.  We thought...
28th Aug 21

Aim Sports Medicine Winter Holiday Blog

Why it’s so important to keep stretching as part of your Holiday Exercise Routine....
27th Aug 21

What Effects do the Change of Seasons Have on Your Body?… How to Cope.

People think we Southern California folks are nuts when we talk about the Changing...
27th Aug 21
Jay working

Treating “Pseudosciatica”

I love fitness and being able to move my body when and how I...
26th Aug 21
BFR Arrm

Blood Flow Restriction (BFR): How & Why It Helps You

Blood flow restriction has become an increasingly popular tool for rehabilitation due to its...
26th Aug 21

Active Recovery Work is Crucial (especially for young athletes)

All athletes subject their bodies to tremendous physical stress.  Day after day, this type...
26th Aug 21
knee pain

PT beats steroid injections for knee OA . . . yet only 10% of patients are referred to PT!

Toronto – Eight physical therapy sessions spread over 4-6 weeks in patients with knee...
26th Aug 21

Osteoarthritis and Physical Therapy

Osteoarthritis (OA) is one of the most common joint disorders, especially in adults over...
26th Aug 21

Telehealth @Aim: ALL the Details

The short answer is that it stands for “telecommunications health”.  The better answer is...
26th Aug 21

What is CBD?

It seems like every time you turn around these days, you bump into CBD something,...
26th Aug 21

Are you a wine glass or a tin can?

Ever wonder why one person gets hurt so easily, and the next person doesn’t?  Would...
26th Aug 21
Backache, Pain, Back

DOMS (no, we don’t mean the champagne!)

The weather is starting to warm up, the clouds are starting to slowly become...
26th Aug 21

Why Do Injuries Happen in CrossFit?

While there are many underlying factors that can lead to injury in all athletes,...
25th Aug 21

Tell Me About Crossfit…

Most of the people in our community have heard of this style of exercise....
25th Aug 21
inverted pyramid

“Flipping the Pyramid” on Healthcare Norms

In the typical medical model that we have all become accustomed to, there are...
25th Aug 21
Aim Sports Medicine - The Importance of Recovery Work

The Importance of Recovery Work

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word “recovery”? You...
25th Aug 21