Isabel Kelly, MT

Isabel Kelly, MT Massage Therapist


Isabel Kelly MT - Aim Sports Medicine

Isabel is a Southern California native. She played volleyball at Pomona College and movement, fitness, and holistic health, continue to be a central part of her life.

Isabel first became interested in bodywork when researching the mind-body connection of trauma for her college thesis. She also turned to sports massage and Rolfing to solve chronic injuries of her own. After graduating from college, she began studying Rolfing at the Rolfing Institute in Boulder. She had her own private practices in Telluride and Boulder and recently moved back to Southern California. In sessions, her quality of touch is slow and deep and caters to her client's specific issues, pains, and overall goals. She views clear communication as the foundation of her work with clients.

"The healthy man wants a thousand things... The sick man only wants one."