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Physical Therapy and Soft Tissue Management emphasize Stretching, combined with other keys such as good nutrition, strength training, and conditioning to achieving optimal performance

by Aim Sports Medicine:

Physical Therapy and Soft Tissue Management emphasize Stretching, combined with other keys such as good nutrition, strength training, and conditioning to achieving optimal performance
Stretching should be a key part of your Holiday Exercise Routine

Holiday Stress and Stretch…

Why it’s so important to keep stretching as part of your Holiday Exercise Routine.

Every year we look forward to the holidays. We are excited about all the parties, presents, creating good cheer, amazing food, and celebrating with family and friends, and let’s be honest, we also look forward to the downtime. Relaxing and spending the day in our pajamas. Hanging out on the couch with the dogs, or the kids, or our partner, or ourselves, and watching old Christmas movies.

This year is proving to be especially challenging. How do we create the experience of joy and celebration during a global pandemic? No traveling to Grandma’s house. No relaxing at an all-inclusive tropical beach resort. No office holiday parties. No children’s Christmas Pageants. Life canbecome mundane without those special moments to look forward to.

And we have the new day-to-day stresses of homeschooling, managing teams remotely, how to safely get groceries, and generally make life work. Whether you de-stress with a bottle of wine or an online yoga class, your body needs your attention. Are your neck and shoulders tight from the endless hours in front of a computer? The most common complaint people have when it comes to their bodies is muscle tension and back pain.

Are you missing the discipline of your favorite gym class? Are you finding there aren’t enough hours in the day for your regular training program?  And now you must find a creative way to celebrate the holidays. Welcome to the World of Holiday Stress. All the ebbs and flows of family demands, finding the perfect gifts, managing your food plan amid all the treats and sweets….and all the expectations!!!   Even having fun and doing the things you love can be Stressful.

The closer we get to the holidays, the more demands on our time and energy.  The more we stress, the less we move. We forget to do simple things like breathe and drink water. It gets dark earlier and it’s harder to get ourselves out for a run. 

You have to make YOU a priority.

To keep your immune system functioning optimally and your body safe from an injury you need to take the time for some stretch therapy. Something as simple as a few shoulder shrugs, head rolls, and leg stretches will improve body function on so many levels.

Physical Therapy and Soft Tissue Management emphasize Stretching, combined with other keys such as good nutrition, strength training, and conditioning to achieving optimal performance. If you are a professional athlete, coming back from an injury, or just trying to keep in shape, consider these top benefits of stretching for your body.

Top 10 Key Benefits of Stretching

  1. Improve range of motion and overall flexibility
  2. Prevent injuries
  3. Reduce Stress
  4. Decrease muscle soreness
  5. Decrease the risk of lower back pain
  6. Improve overall body functioning
  7. Promote blood and oxygen circulation for enhanced performance
  8. Strengthen and support muscles to prevent and heal from an injury
  9. Wake up feeling less sluggish
  10. Helps with fine motor coordination as you age

Work with a Physical Therapist and customize a stretch routine that supports your fitness goals. Get the blood and oxygen flowing to your muscles. By warming up the body and improving your range of motion you can guard against injuries and improve your overall body function.

Stretching will even improve your posture. Look good and feel better starting today by stretching through the holidays. Go back to work in top shape instead of needing a vacation from your vacation. Take the time to heal old injuries and chronic pain, that you have been putting up with. You deserve to feel great in your body and have what you need to just crush it!!!

If you are looking for relief from a recent or chronic injury or just trying to make it through the holidays by upping your fitness plan, reach out to the top sports medicine group in the South Bay. The team at Aim Sports Medicine will create a customized treatment plan designed to support your goals.  Our patients are consistently surprised by the relief and results they achieve working with our team of caring specialists and experts.

Aim’s Mission is to deliver personalized injury management, sports performance, and functional conditioning in a professional atmosphere. Through the application of evidence-based best practices and the integration of professional experience and knowledge, we incorporate the most effective therapies to meet our patients’ needs and goals.

Aim Sports Medicine, the top sports medicine practice in the South Bay, includes specialists in Physical Therapy, Stretch Therapy, Soft Tissue Management, Deep Tissue Massage, Fascial Stretch Therapy, Acupuncture, Deep Tissue Laser Therapy, and a proprietary ExoArmer Manual Therapy.

If you are looking to work with the top Sports Medicine Team in the South Bay, then reach out to Aims Sports Medicine today for a consultation. 

Call today to start your better life and best performance.  Set your goals and Aim High!

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Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

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