Are you a wine glass or a tin can?

Aim Sports Medicine - Are You A Wine Glass

By Aim Sports Medicine:

Aim Sports Medicine - Are You A Wine Glass
Are you a “wine glass”?

Ever wonder why one person gets hurt so easily, and the next person doesn’t?  

Would you know what it meant if I asked you, “Are you a wine glass or a tin can?”  You’d probably look at me like I was crazy, but think about it a sec:  Wine glasses break easily.  Tin cans, on the other hand, can take a lot of punishment.  They can be dropped and dented, but still perform the function they’re supposed to.

The truth is that no one is purely one or the other; we’re all a little bit “wine glass” and a little bit “tin can”.  There are a lot of factors: the cause of your pain, how long you’ve been dealing with it, and finding treatment that helps you.

Aim Sports Medicine - Tin Can
Or a “tin can”?

What causes someone to call themselves a wine glass?  (Or perhaps be called one by those around them.)  Those of us with chronic illnesses might feel like we’re fragile, but we’ve actually had to be really tough to keep dealing with the same pain day after day.

What’s important to remember is that there is help.  Whether you come to us after a day of pain or a decade, whether you’re here to “nip it in the bud” or you’ve had multiple surgeries, your situation is unique and needs to be addressed.


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