ExoArmer Manual Therapy™

ExoArmer Treatment - Aim Sports MedicineExoArmer Manual Therapy™ is now available at Aim Sports Medicine. With the guidance of a licensed practitioner, ExoArmer™ treatment offers therapeutic relief to the body, providing direct support to soft tissues. As part of an integrated massage therapy treatment plan, we believe this innovative approach will provide our patients with greater care and ongoing soft tissue maintenance.

The ExoArmer™ method of manual therapy is the combination of a revolutionary new soft tissue tool that uses the ExoArm™ infrared heating sleeve combined with the delivery of the TRUST technique—a method that combines thermal and manual intervention. Together they form the most comprehensive and sophisticated system of manual therapy available.
Infrared treatment has been demonstrated to offer a variety of therapeutic effects for the body, including pain relief, reduction of muscle tension, improved circulation, and deep relaxation, as well as other helpful influences.

ExoArmer Manual Therapy™ is delivered in the same time as a massage session, while dependent on its application for injury. We highly recommend this form of treatment for active individuals, professional athletes, and those seeking a greater response to their massage therapy. With a clinical assessment, we can develop a specific treatment plan for you. Each treatment is flexible and can be personally tailored, lasting 60 minutes, or applied within a 90-minute session.

ExoArmer™ Treatment is designed to address:

• Chronic pain
• Recurring injury to muscles and tendons
• Localized Inflammation
• Decreased range-of-motion
• Pain due to post-operative conditions

At Aim Sports Medicine, we are committed to providing results-oriented therapies that are designed to maximize your recovery. We have incorporated ExoArmer Manual Therapy™ as part of our scope of treatments to elevate physical manipulate and massage therapy. By combining hands-on techniques with leading, clinically-proven innovations, we believe this is the most optimal approach to improved outcomes.

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