Massage Therapy

Massage TherapyAt Aim Sports Medicine, we specialize in deep tissue massage, sports massage, tension relief and rehabilitation of injury. We focus on helping people who are experiencing tension or pain as well as those who are in need of continued therapeutic maintenance. This includes post surgical conditions and healing injuries.

Your therapist has a detailed understanding of human anatomy, soft tissue structure and physiology, and will craft one or more sessions tailored to your needs and focus on the areas that are contributing to your discomfort or symptoms. We can identify the source of your pain or tension, and treat it effectively in a calming and relaxing environment.

Every session has the potential of relieving your symptoms. Whether you are suffering from low back pain, increased neck and shoulder tension, sports-related sprains or tightness, pain relating to extended hours of immobility (desk-related work), chronic headaches, stress or anxiety, we are committed to restoring your well-being and balanced health.
Benefits of massage therapy include:

• Relieving pain
• Rehabilitating sports injuries
• Reducing stress
• Promoting range-of-motion
• Increasing relaxation
• Improving quality of sleep
• Addressing anxiety and depression
• Aiding general wellness

Massage Therapists

Brad Glynn, CMT

Brad Glynn, CMT

Danielle Chupp, CMT -  Certified Massage Therapist

Danielle Chupp, CMT

Carissa Dester, CMT

Carissa Dester, CMT


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