Dance Medicine

Dance Medicine

Dance Physical Therapy is now available at Aim Sports Medicine!

Dance Physical Therapy is now available at Aim Sports Medicine!

Yuriko Nabeta, Orthopedic Physical Therapist

Under the direction and expertise of Dr. Yuriko Nabeta, Dance Physical Therapist, our Dance Medicine program is designed for individuals, gymnastic teams, local dance companies, and competitive ice skaters here in the South Bay.

Our approach is to develop fully individualized services that maximize each dancer's potential while providing injury-avoidance techniques based on your level, range of motion, and goals.

Our program focuses on three key areas:

Performance Enhancement

Our assessment identifies the potential for improvements and creates training regimens that optimize your physical performance as well as artistic presentation.

Injury Prevention


Dance Physical Therapy provides body maintenance and injury prevention techniques. Incorporating injury prevention into your fitness strategy helps to improve your health and resilience.

Progressive Rehabilitation

Dance Physical Therapy accelerates recovery from injuries and reduces time away from performing. We treat stiffness and weakness, joint hypermobility, injury from chronic overuse, acute injuries, and more.

Dance Medicine at Aim

Based on the goals of each dancer, a customized training program is developed so that it is most effective and appropriate for them. This is what makes our program so unique and effective. Following videos on YouTube, for example, is not recommended and could lead to injury. Beyond self-care, manual therapy and guided exercise training with a physical therapist are most beneficial and highly recommended for those who are intermediate to professional dancers. This is the best way to assess problematic movement habits, and address knots and knocks that are typically too difficult to manage on your own.

Q: What if I am a beginner dancer?

A: Our program is for anyone from beginners to professional dancers. However, wellness and injury prevention most benefits younger dancers from around 10 years of age to young adults.  This includes dancers who are actively attending pre-professional programs in college, a dance studio, or is part of a dance company. We also serve recreational dancers who can benefit from a dance therapy program and are simply looking to improve their potential as a dancer.

As a starting dancer, you can attend individual or group training sessions. Basic dance skills, such as the relevé,  Plié, and turnout, as well as movements that heavily rely on balance and core, are the focus of the beginner sessions while we also practice building strength, flexibility, and coordination required for those skills.  If you are attending a group session, it is recommended that you are of similar ages and dance levels.  Group sessions can consist of partners, teams, friends, or siblings.

Q: How much does it cost if I want one or more private sessions?

A: Pricing may vary based on your level and if you are suffering from a persistent injury, which may indicate the number of sessions needed. Please See the Dance Medicine Price List table below (One-on-one assessment).

Q: Do you provide On-site PT services?

A: On-site services are best suited for a dance studio, school, or company.  Having attended one or more workshops or sessions here at Aim, you will better understand how onsite training can help the entire group.  Dance therapy for groups may involve additional physical therapists working 2-3 times a week at your location for 2 hours each, treating all dancers on-site. This can be scheduled on a regular basis or only during the rehearsal season. Services may consist of short, one-on-one sessions to address the needs of individual performers or to treat fatigue and soreness. It may also involve group training sessions where the entire dance squad learns a specific topic, such as how to strengthen stamina, stretch more effectively, or improve your kicks. If you are a dance school or dance program, please contact Aim Sports Medicine for additional information.

Q: Is there something I should be doing as a dancer to support wellness?

A: Generally, dancers tend not to train or take care of their bodies as well as they should outside of dance classes, which is usually due to a lack of information, resources, or time. Parents and teachers often stress dance practice but may not place enough focus on encouraging wellness, which could be a barrier to better care.

I want dancers to think of regular self-care or therapy to achive wellness, which can help them perform better and lengthen the lifespan of their career as performers. There are many things they should be doing themselves regularly to keep their body healthy and injury-free including strengthening their bodies, building endurance, and practicing plyometric exercises, as well as improving their coordination, flexibility, and balance training.

-Yuriko Nabeta, PT, DPT, OCS

Special Announcements:

"No Charge" Dance Check-Up! 6 slots are available!

There are only 6 spots available, from 4:30 pm - 5 pm on Fridays in January and February, so give us a call to reserve your dancer's assessment today!

Call: (310) 937-2323

(alternate days/times available)

Aim Sports Medicine - Dance checkup

Dance Therapy Pricing

Introductory Phone Call

A Discovery Session To get to know you, our workshop or dance assessments Free (10 minutes) Call 310-937-2323

Injury Prevention Workshop

Treatment Introduction A 45 min talk/demo + 15 min Q&A. We will discuss injury prevention and what assessments look like $30/skater (Free for one family member or coach per skater)
Monthly Consultation About a selected topic related to performer’s wellness


One-on-one Assessment

Personalized Injury Prevention Assessment  (1 hour) A 1-hour comprehensive, whole-body assessment; ideal for those who are not sure where to start or those with minor pain/discomfort $185 on site (on the day of the workshop)

$175 in the clinic

Specific Technique Assessment (45 minutes)

A 45-minute focus on one chosen technique; ideal for those who want to overcome a persisting technical issue(s). $150 on site

(on the day of the workshop)

$140 in the clinic

Group Injury Prevention Assessment

2 dancers (90 minutes) Ideal for those with similar interests and technical levels $290 on site

$275 in the clinic

3 dancers (2 hours) Ideal for those with similar interests and technical  levels $375 on site

$360 in the clinic


I met Yuriko when I hurt my back dancing professionally with Ballet Hispánico in New York City. Immediately she was very attentive, thorough, and warm which made me feel comfortable and well taken care of. As I continued to see her for months, not only did I feel physically better after every session, but emotionally she helped me stay positive as well.

As dancers, it is very crucial for us to be treated by Physical Therapists who are educated in dance, the demands of a dance profession, and how a dancer's bodywork. A "sports" (regular) therapist will simply not understand what it is we do and can often direct us incorrectly or even injure us further. Throughout my career, I would often avoid going to a non-dance therapist for fear that I would put my career at risk.

...Yuriko was there through the hardest and most important part and I am eternally grateful for that. It took me 8 months from the day I first was injured to fully be back dancing and I never looked back. It is therapists like Yuriko that not only help dancers recover from injuries but help them overcome truly difficult experiences and even add length to their careers. She is a therapist I will never forget!

- Jessica Alejandra Wyatt, former contemporary ballet dancer at Ballet Hispánico

Yuriko Nabeta helped me with my recovery after an Achilles Repair. She is one of the best therapists ever! Her skills and rehabilitation experience are second to none. Thanks to her I am dancing again! I love Yuriko!!!

- Parisa Khobdeh, former contemporary ballet dancer/Principal dancer at Paul Taylor Dance Company

More about Dr. Yuriko Nabeta

Dr. Nabeta is a board-certified Orthopedic Physical Therapist with over 14 years of experience in treating musculoskeletal injuries and post-operative conditions. She has provided highly specialized treatments for professional dancers and performing artists in NYC, Japan, and now SoCal.

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In Media

Dr. Nabeta was prominently featured on DanceInforma.com, discussing the diagnosis of a young dancer with Perthes disease—a condition of the hip bone that most commonly occurs in young children ages four to 12 years old.

For more information about our Dance Medicine program, call (310) 937-2323.

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