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Dance/Performing Arts Medicine

Dance/Performing Arts Medicine is Now Available!

Dance/Performing Arts Medicine is Now Available!

Yuriko Nabeta, Orthopedic Physical Therapist

Under the direction and expertise of Dr. Yuriko Nabeta, Dance Physical Therapist, our Dance/Performing Arts Medicine program is designed for individuals, gymnastic teams, local dance companies, and competitive ice skaters here in the South Bay.

Our approach is to develop fully individualized services that maximize each dancer's potential while providing injury-prevention techniques based on your level, range of motion, and goals.

Our program focuses on three key areas:

Performance Enhancement

Our assessment identifies the potential for improvements and creates training regimens that optimize your physical performance as well as artistic presentation.

Injury Prevention


Dance Physical Therapy provides body maintenance and injury prevention techniques. Incorporating injury prevention into your fitness strategy helps to improve your health and resilience.

Progressive Rehabilitation

Dance Physical Therapy accelerates recovery from injuries and reduces time away from performing. We treat injuries and conditions common and unique in dancers and performers including pre-op and post-op conditions, overuse and acute injuries and joint hypermobility-related issues, and more.

Dance/Performing Arts Medicine at Aim

The experts in dance and performing arts medicine assess each performer and develop a customized training or rehabilitation program that are effective and safe for the individual with or without injuries. 

We treat dancers and performing artists of any genre including gymnasts, skaters, and aerial performers, and work together to overcome their unique physical and mental demands. This customized and genre-specific approach is what makes our program so unique and effective.

Performance Enhancement/Injury Prevention

Our programs for performance enhancement and injury prevention are made for those who are injury free. They are made to help performers stay injury free and reduce the chances of missed rehearsals and shows. The programs include strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, endurance training, and more.

Injury Management

Dance/performing arts rehabilitation is one-on-one with a physical therapist for individuals with injuries and persisting pain. The session incorporates hands-on treatment and guided movement training to accelerate the healing of injuries and address movement habits that initially might have caused the injuries.

Q: What if I am a beginner dancer?

A: We treat all levels of dancers and performers including beginner/young dancers and adult recreational dancers who are simply looking to improve their potential as a dancer.

As a starting dancer, you may need more in-depth attention to basic dance skills, such as the Relevé, Plié, and turnout if you do ballet or ballet-based dance.  Our custom-made program is designed to help improve the strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, and coordination required for those basic skills.  If you are attending a group session, it is recommended that you are of similar ages and dance levels.  Group sessions can consist of partners, teams, friends, or siblings.

Q: How much does it cost if I want one or more private sessions?

A: Pricing may vary based on your needs. If you are striving for a long-term goal or you are dealing with an injury, these factors will determine the number of sessions needed. Please See the Dance/Performing Arts Medicine Price List table below.

Q: Do you provide On-site services?

A: On-site services are available to meet the specific needs of a studio, rink, school, or company. Services may consist of short one-on-one sessions with the goal to reduce fatigue and soreness or enhance performance. Sessions may be scheduled between shows, throughout the performance season, or on a regular basis. Group sessions may take place as injury prevention workshops where the entire dance squad learns a specific topic requested, such as how to improve flexibility, stretch/massage more effectively, or improve certain movements. On-site choreography assessment can also be designed to help reduce injury incidences and the number of missed shows/rehearsals. If you are a dance school or dance program, please contact Dr. Yuriko Nabeta at Aim Sports Medicine for additional information.

Q: Is there something I should be doing as a dancer to support wellness? How can I even fit this type of care into my schedule?

A: Dancers tend to work hard on practicing and performing but spend little to no time on conditioning. Ideally, conditioning exercises such as strengthening should be regularly incorporated into their technical training. This is where an expert in dance medicine comes in. We are here to make it easier for busy dancers to do specific physical conditioning that directly helps their technique. We also work side by side with the dancer’s parents and teachers. We believe a team approach involving everyone influencing the performer;’s health is crucial for a dancer’s wellness.

We assist performing artists to prevent and heal injuries while enhancing their techniques.

-Yuriko Nabeta, PT, DPT, OCS
Dance Medicine Specialist

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No Cost for Dancers/Student Dancers!

Limited to two dancers per day, Thursday, August 3rd at 9:00 AM, Saturday, August 5th at 5:00 PM, and Sunday, August 6th at 10:00 AM. Call to reserve your spot today!

Call: (310) 937-2323

(Instruction by Yuriko Nabeta, PT, DPT)

Aim Sports Medicine - Sumer Dance Special

Dance Therapy Pricing

A discovery phone call

Up to 10 Minutes To learn about the service and appropriateness Free

One-on-one Assessment

1 hour Comprehensive, whole body assessment; ideal for those who want a thorough assessment and the foundation of the training program $175
45 minutes Technique-specific assessment; ideal for those who want to overcome a persisting technical issue(s) and foundational training program


Group Assessment

2 people, 90 minutes Ideal for those with similar technical levels and goals $275

3 people, 2 hours

Ideal for those with similar technical levels and goals $360
*Discounts are available for package services.
*For workshop and on-site services, please contact us for pricing.

Dance Physical Therapy for Dancers with Injury - Cash Price (If no insurance billing)

Initial evaluation

1 hour $220


...Yuriko was there through the hardest and most important part and I am eternally grateful for that. It took me 8 months from the day I first was injured to fully be back dancing and I never looked back. It is therapists like Yuriko who not only help dancers recover from injuries but help them overcome truly difficult experiences and even add length to their careers. She is a therapist I will never forget!

- Jessica Alejandra Wyatt, former contemporary ballet dancer at Ballet Hispánico

Yuriko Nabeta helped me with my recovery after an Achilles Repair. She is one of the best therapists ever! Her skills and rehabilitation experience are second to none. Thanks to her I am dancing again! I love Yuriko!!!

- Parisa Khobdeh, former contemporary ballet dancer/Principal dancer at Paul Taylor Dance Company

More about Dr. Yuriko Nabeta

Dr. Nabeta is a board-certified Orthopedic Physical Therapist with over 14 years of experience in treating musculoskeletal injuries and post-operative conditions. She has provided highly specialized treatments for professional dancers and performing artists in NYC, Japan, and now SoCal.

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In Media

Dr. Nabeta was prominently featured on DanceInforma.com, discussing the diagnosis of a young dancer with Perthes disease—a condition of the hip bone that most commonly occurs in young children ages four to 12 years old.

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