Soft Tissue Management

Vince-WorkingSoft tissue management refers to the evaluation and treatment of injured tissues that connect, support, or surround other structures and organs of the body. Soft tissues include muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, fibrous tissue, fat, synovial membranes, nerves, and blood vessels. Interestingly…it has been expressed that the soft tissues of the human body are responsible for more pain, dysfunction, and disability than all other organs in the body, yet are often neglected in traditional medical evaluations.

Here at AIM Sports Medicine the doctors and therapists use a variety of hands-on soft tissue techniques to release areas of congestion, tightness, and scarring of involved structures.

Our focus is to increase circulation, thus hydrating and returning the soft tissues to their healthy texture, tension, and length in order for them to function optimally and pain-free.

The results of AIM soft tissue management are equally impressive for the sedentary worker as well as the world-class athlete. All injury requires attention to the soft tissues, the degree of which will be evaluated and a treatment plan will be recommended. Once the client recovers from their injury, a continuum of services including Physical Therapy, Massage, and Personal Training is available to further enhance recovery, function, overall health & wellness. We work on a wide range of conditions and use a wide range of services, depending on the patient’s needs.
We are trained and experienced to work with the following:

Orthopedic and Sports Injuries:

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• Acute, sub-acute, and chronic sprains/strains
• Pre and post-op evaluation and treatment
• Spine and extremity injuries/pain
• Repetitive strain injuries
• Tendinitis/tendinosis/bursitis
• Movement analysis & correction of body mechanics to improve function/skill[/lgc_column]

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• Injury management and prevention
• TMJ Dysfunction
• Chronic headaches
• Musculoskeletal Dysfunction
• Pelvic and Sacroiliac joint dysfunction/pain
• Prenatal /postpartum pain/dysfunction[/lgc_column]

Soft Tissue Specialists:

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Vince Guagliano, DC  - Doctor of Chiropractic

Vince Guagliano, DC – Doctor of Chiropractic


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Robert Willhite, DC, CSCS Doctor of Chiropractic

Robert Willhite, DC, CSCS, Doctor of Chiropractic


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