Jay Palladino, M. S. L. Ac. - Sports Medicine Acupuncture SpecialistIf your lifestyle is restricted by pain, whether at work, performing athletically or difficulty doing daily activities, I can help. I am passionate about freeing my patient's of their discomfort and educating them about self care in order to allow them to live the life they want. This is my passion, I love what I do! (see Acupuncture)

Certified in Sports Medicine Acupuncture, and having graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, I incorporate principles from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Sports Medicine to view and treat injuries from a truly, integrated perspective. My treatments most commonly consist of neuromuscular needling, multiple forms of manual therapy and postural/ corrective exercise.

If you're unsure if Sports Medicine Acupuncture can help you - I offer a complimentary consultation.

License No. and State: AC 10079 California