What Effects do the Change of Seasons Have on Your Body?… How to Cope.

Seasonal Changes - Affects on the Body

by Aim Sports Medicine:

Aim Ports Medicine - Seasonal Changes - Affects on the Body
Seasonal changes can affect the body

People think us Southern California folks are nuts when we talk about the Changing of the Seasons. It may be 70 degrees out, and you’ll see a woman in Ugg boots and a wool sweater.

We don’t have to check the weather anymore because our body lets us know about the change of season. As we move into fall, the sun does not have that hot searing power it did when we enjoyed idyllic summer days at the beach. We spend our time sunning, surfing, playing beach volleyball, or in our case on our bodyboards. The air shifts from the hot Santa Anna winds to a cool breeze.

You trade in your tank top for your favorite hoodie. It’s time to get out the cozy down comforter. We are not complaining. We still have our sunny days, but the nights are getting cold. Are you starting to feel the chill in your bones?

December 21st is the shortest day of the year. Many people feel the effects of the shortened days and lack of light. People suffer from a change of mood or Seasonal Effective Disorder (SAD). They get the “winter blues.” Fall and winter weather makes you want to sleep more and do less. And there is a scientific reason for this.

Experts say that the way your cells and DNA function in the colder months differs from warmer months. In the summer, your body works to retain water and burn fat. In the winter, the body stores fat and increases inflammation to help fight colds and flu. We feel the need to sleep more or hibernate. For many of us, more inflammation equals more discomfort.
Are your old sports injuries starting to talk to you? The torn rotator cuff, a bum left knee, and a variety of back injuries starting to bubble up over the years? Starting to feel the familiar and unwelcome aches and pain creep in from the past? Perhaps you thought I’ve done enough rehab, but your body is telling you there is more healing to be done.

Heal Your Body… Schedule a Fall Check-up

Schedule a Fall Check-up with your Physical Therapist in the South Bay. Your body is talking, perhaps a visit with a Physical Therapist will prove to be supportive. Or is it a massage that you’re searching for? Working with a Massage Therapist can help to loosen the tension in your muscles and promote your healing. Start to pay attention to what your body is saying.

In the summer months, you may have:

  • taken up a new sport without adding the proper body conditioning
  • over-exercised because with the COVID-19 pandemic, what else was there to do?!!!
  • gave in to the frustrations and fears of the world and just sat around on your butt for the last six months
  • ignored an injury because you “think it will just get better on its own”
  • tried to keep up with your kids when their summer activities were canceled.
  • gained the Covid-19 pounds emotionally eating your way through the lockdown and now you are feeling the stress on your body as you go back to your old workouts.

Nutritionists stress the importance of eating healthy, unprocessed foods, including plenty of seasonal fruits and vegetables, which will improve our immune systems for the winter months.

You might also keep a journal of what foods seem to create more inflammation in your body. What food do you feel better eliminating from your diet?

Oh, don’t forget plenty of water. We are not driven as much by thirst in the colder months, so pay attention to your water consumption.

Be mindful of your mindset. We know stress has a powerful impact on how we feel. The increase of stress adds to the production of cortisol and inflammation and affects how your body functions.

For most of us, 2020 has been a year filled with stressful events. The Covid-19 Pandemic, the shutting down of the economy, our children being homeschooled, and the cliff hanger of our Presidential Election.

Self -care is critical. If you are not meditating, now would be a great time to begin some simple breathing exercises. There are many how-to videos online. Take a pause several times a day, close your eyes, and focus on your breath even if it’s just for a few minutes.

That’s a great start to taking care of what goes into the body and taking care of your emotional well-being. When it comes to the physical body, you want to speak to your Physical Therapist in the South Bay to put together a customized healing plan.

The Aim Sports medicine team offers an impressive array of treatment modalities to deal with deep tissue and joint pain. Known as the top Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy practice in the South Bay, our team includes experienced licensed Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, and Massage Therapists. We offer Fascial Stretch Therapy, Deep tissue laser therapy, and personal training.

Now is a great time to discover how working with a Physical Therapist and soft tissue management regiment can improve your athletic recovery and optimize body function.

Here at Aim, our philosophy is to treat the physical condition and not just the symptoms. We are proud to support our patients. Whether you are a top professional athlete or someone who is looking to function better and experience ease in your body performance we can help.

Call today to start your better life and best performance. Set your goals and Aim High!

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